Say hi!

Well Hi! Here I am. This is what I look like ( at least half of me ).

It's always hard to describe yourself but I'll give it a try. I'm 49 ( as of 2022 ). I'm quite tall. Not so wide. And I love art - in all forms. If I get to choose an art form that inspires me the most it would be dance. In really any shape or form. Nothing affects me as deeply as movement of bodies. Expression beyond words, symbols or imagery. Me, I'm a painter. I have never danced ( not counting late nights in bars, weddings or shady clubs ). I do have a tendency to add body parts to my paintings though. Especially feet, or hands. I'm really crazy about hands.

I have been painting all my life. On anything I could get a hold off really. Old wallpaper, wood, sand, paper of shifting quality. This turned out to be my way of expressing myself. I did not seek it out. It was just always there. It's just constantly there. Poking me, nagging me, inspiring me.

I don't stick to one way of painting. I probably have a style, but it has varied a lot over the years. Everything I do ( good, bad...or plain stupid ) is a continuous journey. Every piece building on what came before. Everything an exploration. Always a journey. Fueled by curiosity and a deep need to go further into what it all means. I guess what it means to live. To be alive. On this earth.

I'm always up for some good conversations, coffee or just a quick hello. So please don't be strangers!


My visiting adress is: Vallgatan 3 / Gothenburg / Sweden.

Or you can of course call me at: + 46 73 540 13 75 

Or maybe write me something below...