Story - Afternoon

A time back When - Monotypi/Watercolor - Private


He left my body like a black boomerang. No, not at all like that. Let me do it all over. I need to concentrate to get this right. And there are all sorts of noise in the house. The coffee machine hissing, spitting out it’s dark content on the freshly painted wall beside it ( nuisance ). The children waking up upstairs. Going from sleep to mayhem in the blink of an eye. The radiators humming, but that’s a sound a like. A sound of home. So. It was more like an oversized staple, chunky, black but still very concentrated in its form. A precise shape. Lifting from my side as I lay on the couch watching something or other on Netflix. There was no sound as it exited my body. One second it was just there, slowly rising from the shape that is called me. And then it stopped mid air just to hang there for a few seconds and then it was gone. It didn’t dissolve or spin or anything. No drama. It was just gone. It had travelled from the deep of my spine, from a time back then, when everything was small and hot, and impossible to make sense of, into an otherwise ordinary afternoon. And I was free.