Co-Working w Karolina Nolin

Co-Working with Karolina Nolin

Since a few years back I've had a co-working project going with my friend Karolina. Just like me she's an artist and we sort of grew up together.  It took us some time to get into it, but now I look forward to every time we've decided to do a work shop. It's really a beautiful process of deep trust and acceptance. You just have to let go of all control and just let whatever happen, happen. 

Step one is to just find time. Oh, that precious time! But we're getting better at prioritize. 

Step two is to get down to it. We start out in separate parts of the studio and sort of work our way to the middle. Each of us putting the first layer on white paper. 

The it's time for a break...which might or might not include yoga and food...

Foggy day in Karlstad...

Totaly zooned out after a visit to yogazone / Karlstad

A little quick something before the studio floor is calling us back.

And we're done for the day!

A quick visit to Karolinas beautiful shop before dinner. Be sure to make an appointment if you are in Karlstad. Or check out her art here: